Koel or Crow

It was the morning of 2002's Rakshabadhan, I was alone waiting for my friends to come for play with a rakhi tied on my right hand's wrist. To my ache, nobody came, they all were busy with their cousins or siblings celebrating a giant treat while it was raining inside my heart. And I pledged... Continue Reading →

Just middle-class stuff

Well, I feel being kids we were much more clear on what we think, believe and mean. On growing up we just turned out be a herd of humans fighting to put forward their own point of view, as such we dare not say anything concrete most of the time...and that most of the time... Continue Reading →

Why dust on my diary?

I remember as a child, how I used to fancy being an actor later an astronaut, politician, chef, waiter and so much that I don't even keep track;  all my dreams were drenched with these desires for days and nights on a really serious note but I was too embarrassed to confess it. And I never... Continue Reading →


And then there are these happy moments... Because I solely wanted to concentrate on my upcoming short story project "The voices", I decided just to keep myself active I'll be posting random blogs for next few weeks. So, I sat down to write one and the second after I finished it...there it was...a brand new... Continue Reading →


I don't talk the way I used to Am scared. I don't read books anymore Am scared. I can't resolve doubts Am scared. There's something am scared of, I don't know what for And am scared. Where am I leading myself? Where had I been ago? I don't know. I write sometimes too But that's... Continue Reading →

Am all skin and flesh

Am all skin and flesh Lick with fierce and touch till no end To discover the curves and cracks Half of which went into fray A quarter or less smiling gay The remaining that remained I present to you: The thunders in me Where the fire ignites The potion that keeps you alive And it's... Continue Reading →

Tonight the night will stay

Tonight the night will stay Embracing me after so many days. Tonight the night will tell a tale Of its mercy and grace: In the deserted desert of a far away place The old fairy sings of the charm Of her floating skin and floating hair Onto the floating blue-toned lake; When the moon breaks... Continue Reading →


How does it feel to be on the wrong side? Begging for sympathies I assumed mean once a while Wrong enough to be sympathise Right enough to be mean   How does it feel to be blamed? Blames I don't recognise Deserving more than my name   How does it feel to lose a chance?... Continue Reading →

Beyond what is

None of their words dug my heart as Rumi's did None of their muses taught me to love as Rumi's did If out beyond everything He's still waiting, I must leave now...  -SUSHMITA


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